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Item 2
The Apostle Simon
Circa 1660
Egg tempera on wood panel
44.25” x 21”
James and Tatiana Jackson Collection

This icon is typical of many examples known to have been produced in the Kostroma/Pereslavl-Zalesky region near Moscow. Here the Apostle is depicted facing inward towards Christ, so we know that this icon was from the left side of the Deisis row of an iconostasis. The fact that the borders are not raised would indicate it was held in an iconostasis with deeply carved receptacle-type framing. While the basic composition conforms to the traditional “old” style of icon painting, there are subtle details, such as tear ducts, and calligraphy style, which place it in the post-Nikon category. The scroll signifies Simon is a teacher of the church. The abbreviated inscription in Old Church Slavonic reads, “The Apostle Simon.”